"I am not a teacher, but an awakener" - Robert Frost

Art is about learning to see. In other words, perceiving light and shadow, color, texture, proportion, the illusion of depth. But art has a way of going beyond these things, down to the very heart, where we are awakened to beauty and begin to appreciate the world around us. 

With this in mind, Katy seeks to inspire, provoke and encourage her students to see with the eyes of their heart. She believes every artist has a unique gift, and through discovering their individual voice, they can live out their life's purpose.   

Katy has taught at the college level for over ten years. She began as a graduate student teaching 2-D Design, Painting, and Illustration at Cal State Fullerton, and a children's book course at University of California Riverside's extension program. She had discovered a hidden talent and passion. 


In 2011, Katy was hired as a full-time professor of Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design, where she served as Interim Co-Chair of Illustration in 2015-16. She has taught a variety of courses at every level, freshmen through senior, including a 5-week drawing course in Florence, Italy at Studio Art Center International. 


In June 2021, she will be moving to Denver, Colorado to serve as Head of Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where she will be leading a variety of department initiatives, developing curricula, and supporting faculty in addition to teaching.